Volumizing Mousse 2 in 1 Dry Shampoo 3 in 1 Hairspray
Volumizing Mousse
Your cost: $23.95
2 in 1 Dry Shampoo
Your cost: $20.95
3 in 1 Hairspray
Your cost: $24.95
Ultra-light airy mousse that inflates, sculpts and lifts every strand for a voluminous crunch-free full bodied look. The 2 in 1 Dry Shampoo is a Cleanser & Volumizer designed to absorb excess oil, while leaving a beautiful shine. 3 in 1 Root Boost & All Over working hairspray is designed to control humidity while adding shine.
Split Ends Repair Serum 120ml Silver & Blonde Treatment Mask 500ml Instant Softness & Detangling Spray 120ml
Silky smooth serum designed especially for the hair strands to repair that reduces frizz and seals in shine. Deeply infuses the tips of your hair to help protect and nourishes damaged hair that is prone to breakage. Intensive paraben free, ULTRA VIOLET hair mask is designed to neutralize the yellow tones and renew the bright vibrant blonde glamour while smoothing and deep nourishing the hair. Lotion diuser which boosts instant hydration for irresistibly soft and smooth perfumed hair.
Keratin Thermal Protection Spray 120ml Soft & Smooth Blow Dry Balm 250ml Curl Define Cream 250ml
Curl Define Cream 250ml
Your cost: $19.76
Ultra-lightweight mist designed to properly prep your hair for heat styling and prevent hair damage and breakage. Ultra-lightweight blow dry balm designed to smooth out the hair cuticle, eliminate frizz and repair split ends while reducing blow dry time. Keratage Curl Define Cream is designed to hydrate and nourish moisture-depleted curls with natural oils and proteins for a healthier and smoother texture.